JKA Brochures
Informative brochures about the JKA Training Program and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the JKA.

JKA for children Brochures

JKA Brochures about the "Training Program" and "Frequently asked questions" are available for download.

Due to Covid 19, the dates of the currently running Tegernsee 7 and the planned Tegernsee 8 training were changed.

Please click here to find the updated dates. As soon as the measures allow changes, we will put them online here.
Tegernsee 7 training
Tegernsee 8 training

The JKA brochures "JKA Training Program" and "JKA FAQ - Frequently asked qeustions " are now available for download in the following languages:


JKA Training Program (New Training Dates 2020-2022)

French / Français

JKA Formation (Nouvelles dates de formation 2020-2022)
JKA Questions fréquentes

German / Deutsch

JKA Ausbildungs Programm (Neue Ausbildungsdaten 2020-2022)

Greek / ελληνικά

JKA Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Italian / Italiano

JKA Programma della formazione (Nuovi dati die formazione 2020-2022)
JKA Domande frequenti

Russian / Pусский

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Spanish / Español

JKA Programa de formación (Nuevos datos de formación 2020-2022)
JKA Preguntas frecuentes


The flyers are also available in printed version. Further information on the printed flyers can be obtained at office@jeremy-krauss.com.