3 Part Master Class – Change and Permanence – Seg. 2/3 LIVE

Still possible to join the new Master class I am teaching (Change and Permanence)
We got off to a good start with a very nice group live and online


Seg 1: Available online via Vimeo
Seg 2: Live at Tegernsee Feb. 1-4, 2024
Online from Feb. 20th
Seg 3: Live at Tegernsee May 2-5, 2024
Online from May, 22nd
Choose your own participation time for Vimeo

“The potency and clarity of Jeremy teaching is inspiring” (MC participant)
– daily JKA-ATMs
– specific functional Hands-on demonstrations FHO
– in depth understanding of how to create change in you and your clients
– clear tools skills to apply directly in your daily work

All details and information: office@jeremy-krauss.com
Open to all Feldenkrais, ABM and MBS practitioners
I hope you will take the opportunity to study with me

Each live segment of the MC is 4 days.
There are 5 hours LIVE teaching per day.
During the 5 hours are also coffee breaks, which are not included in the recorded material.

Approximate 4 hours of online Vimeo recordings per day which will include:
One JKA-ATM / Functional Hand-On Demos / Partner work where Jeremy walks around, shows and answers practical questions while people are working / Group questions and answers.
The 4 days of each segment will be online for self-study for TWO WEEKS.


Seg 1: € 422 VAT incl.
Seg 2: € 675 VAT incl.
Seg 3: € 675 VAT incl.


Is for all 3 segments

Further information



We always strive to create positive change and improvement in ourselves and with our clients/students.

Everyone is interested to know how to keep the positive improvement and changes we experience.

The topic of long lasting and permanent change will be a central thread that will carry through and guide the new 3 part Master Class.

Skills of clarity, specificity, and creativity are an integral part of understanding this important domain. Daily group work and functional hands-on will be taught.

This will be the 1st Master Class Jeremy will be teaching since the pandemic. He is very excited to once again teach advanced work live.

For those that have studied with Jeremy before or are interested to do so – his teaching is always rooted in very practical and useable skills embedded with deep personal experiential learning.


This Master Class will take place in Rottach-Egern at the Lake Tegernsee in Southern Germany in a beautiful NEW and spacious location.
Besides the beautiful conference room, the Gästehaus & Almhaus Webermohof also offers holiday flats and rooms.

Gästehaus & Almhaus Webermohof
Josef Stadler | Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse 38 | 83700 Rottach-Egern
Telefon: +49 (0) 80 22 – 64 85

There are also numerous other accommodations in this area.Tourist office https://www.tegernsee.com

The event is finished.


Feb 01 - 04 2024


All Day
Webermohof - Josef Stadler


Webermohof - Josef Stadler
Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse 38, 83700 Rottach-Egern