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Jeremy and his teaching

As a teacher he is known for both his clarity as well as his creative abilities in presenting practical and theoretical aspects and in developing new and unique materials in the method.

“Awesome – Direct, Clear – No Drama”

Carrie Ashton

Physical Therapist, DPT, GCS and Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“Jeremy is concise and clear in his instructions and his Atm teaching enhances the learning of the skills he teaches”

Pam Renga

Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“Viele neue Ideen, Perspektiven und zusammenhänge. Diese Masterclass eröffnet mir viel neue Möglichkeiten.”

Mathias Gruner

Feldenkrais Practitioner, JKA Therapist, Germany

“Invaluable! More detailed information – just what I was looking for! Loved the clarity of the information presented, the amount of time spent on demonstrating, and ample time to practice. The availability of Jeremy for questions and hands-on practice is well reserved for the students. I will definitely return for further training”

Judith Birtwistle

Anat Baniel Practitioner and JKA master class participant, Canada

“Jeremy is articulate, respectful, clear , stays on topic and clarifies as is needed. Jeremy can invent small precise movement explorations that at every moment guides me to notice a new perspective of myself and how to accomplish what is important to me”

Osa Jackson

PHD, Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“I love the results I get from S&G. I had injury on my left hip & left shoulder, I ofter feel stiffness on my left SI joint & posterior part of my left shoulder on certain movements. After the course, I can feel the connection on my left hip, that I usually feel less powerful than the right hip. The movement become clearer on my left hip and my left shoulder getting better as well. Overall, I love Jeremy´s work! Looking forward to more S&G!”
Jessica Lauw

Pilates Instructor and participant of the Solvent & Glue series, Indonesia

“VERY GOOD! I learned many new approaches. I’ve had several good outcomes using what I learned in these Mastery segments. I find Jeremy very clear in his teaching. He’s easy to understand and demonstrates in a few ways to help us see it. I’m an ABM (Anat Baniel) Practitioner and I find Jeremy’s teaching Approach a bit more specific. I think it is great to learn Feldenkrais from another point of view. I do not have a biological background ( I am a system analyst) so I find this more specific way of learning/understanding very helpful”

Joan Kalmring

Anat Baniel Practitioner, Canada

I have been learning from Jeremy and his inexhaustible knowledge for over 15 years. His approach, the “Jeremy Krauss Approach”, is a further development and adaptation of the Feldenkrais Method and represents unimagined opportunities for me to expand my therapeutic work. Through the JKA, I can see which step I can offer to support my clients for their next step to feel better. The JKA Toolbox offers me the right techniques and group lessons to enable sustainable learning.

Silia Giussani

Feldenkrais Practitioner, JKA Therapist, Yoga Educational Trainer, Germany

“Excellent as I use the Atm movement lessons and the Hands On FI to integrate the Manual Therapy that is a major portion of my clients health programs. I like the balance between teaching and practice sessions”

Linda Holmes

Manual Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“Very Good! Valuable, very useful information and practice techniques that I have been/will be be using in my practice Excellent, Clear, easy to understand, good pace, patient, plenty of time for students to ask questions.”

Rachel Eban

Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“Jeremy Krauss inspires you to new levels of learning and creating. He has a true understanding of the Feldenkrais Method® and communicates this through his actions and his words. Jeremy integrates current scientific trends with the work. When you complete a course with Jeremy, you have a greater appreciation of what is and a perception of the infinite possibilities of what could be.”

Ada Griffith-Valentine

Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“Jeremy’s class was one of the most worthwhile classes I have taken in years. He is that rare teacher with knowledge, compassion and empathy for his students. I really felt he wanted us to learn and appreciated that for each of us it was a personal process. I felt free to ask questions. I took home concrete new ways to work and problem solve with my students.”

Karen Donelson

Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer, USA

“I attended a 3 Segment Master Class with Jeremy. It was expceptional. At each segment I felt Jeremy had planned the topics to be covered and the class flowed well because of that. His Teaching style is very clear and accessible to persons of different experience levels and backgrounds. He paces the classes well with ample time for questions and practice. He is personally present throughout, including FI practice to answer questions and clarify techniques . Overall the class have been great and I recommend any Jeremy Krauss trainings highly.”

Alice Powell

Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“Ich mag diese Intensität (Jeremy´s) so gerne. Unterstützt durch den schönen Raum, die kleine Gruppe, war es möglich vom ersten Moment an, sehr schnell sehr tief einzutauchen in ein intensives, konzentriertes Arbeiten und Forschen. Das war in vielem sehr hilfreich für mich und hat mich eine neue Qualität in der FI Arbeit spüren lassen, die ich sehr gerne noch weiterentwickeln möchte. Ich fahre nun nach Hause mit vielen konkreten Anregungen für mein Arbeiten und freue mich aufs nächste Segment!

Gudrun Esterer

JKA Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Austria

“Energizing and Educational – Very Very Good I am able to take the material of what we learned and practiced into my practice immediately when I get home and start working. Jeremy has always had a clear and concise approach and the quality of his teaching inspires me to reach my higher potential.”

Jacklyn Boone

Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“Excellent, Clear, Concise, specific in verbiage and in hand positions. Jeremy continues to address and communicate well the class material to multiple levels of trained/educated people with various abilities of communication I would recommend that other practitioners study with Jeremy. I have my best learning experiences with Jeremy. His specificity is amazing, so clear. His teaching manner is supportive and open to sharing and maintains the thread he wishes to impart”

Duane Karr

Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

“First segment of MC brought me in 4 days significant clarifications and new powerful tools to work with in Functional Integration and ATM teaching. I learned a lot about my self-organization. Feeling rejuvenated, inspired and empowered.”

Tereza Skovajsová

JKA Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Czech Republic