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Abilities Training

The JKA ABILITIES Professional Training is takes place over a 3 year period and is devided into 3 learning modules. The Training program provides you with in-depth understanding, comprehensive skill sets,  know-how and confidence to work with:

  • Module 1: Adults in group lessons (JKA-ATM)
  • Module 2: Special Needs Children in individual JKA-Developmental-Hands on sessions (JKA-DHO)
  • Module 3: Individual JKA-Functional Hands on sessions to adults (JKA-FHO)

Quality – Clarity – Results

This promises to be a very unique and inspiring Training program encompassing Jeremy’s 40 years of experience in teaching, his extraordinary work and Approach to Special Needs Children and vast knowledge of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

“Moshe Feldenkrais said that the purpose of the brain is to make sense out of the nonsense, order out of the disorder. Jeremy has done this for development. After taking this training you will be much more skilled at evaluating movements to determine what is needed to progress and have the skills to make that happen.”

Rob Cohen

JKA Therapist, ABM and Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

The Training is a combination of self- experiential learning, along with comprehensive clear knowledge and information of Jeremy’s unique approach to children and adults as well as unparalleled familiarity with all the classical works of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

You will gain vast comprehension, precise skills, strategies and techniques of the Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) and Feldenkrais!

The Training is intended for

  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • People interested in personal growth and development
  • Practitioners of experiential learning, self-development through movement and exercise
  • Md’s and Nurses
  • Graduates of the 1-year JKA Training program

Parents: If you are Parent of a Special Needs Child and are interested to understand more about your child’s unique development and ways to help them on your own as well as learning to work and help other special needs children, teach groups and possibly work with adults.

Professionals: If you are  a PT, OT, DT, Osteopath, Dance or massage Therapist and are interested to enhance and enlarge the scope of your knowledge and understanding and gain a new perspective of movement development and its applications to adults and children, typical and atypical.

People interested in personal growth and development: If you are looking for a change in your career and are interested in the fields of Attention, Awareness, Brain plasticity and well being.

Practitioners in the domain of experiential learning, personal development through movement and exercise: If you are a Feldenkrais, ABM, MBS, Yoga, Pilates, physical education teachers, dancer, actor, musician and want to delve deeper and get much more clarity of the entire field of movement, child development, therapeutic learning and performance.

Md’s and Nurses: If you are an MD or Nurse and want to study new directions and possibilities in developental and functional learning in the therapeutic domain as well as to learn more about your own body in an non invasive therapeutic way using educational methods of brain plasticity

Graduates of the 1-year JKA Training who are interested in studying JKA-ATM and/or JKA-FHO with Jeremy contact office@jeremy-krauss.com.

“Jeremy is articulate, respectful, clear, stays on topic and clarifies as is needed. Jeremy guides me to notice a new perspective and how to accomplish what is important”

Osa Jackson

PHD, Physical therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

Length of the Training

Total training hours: 820

The 3-year training has a total of 120 direct instruction training days, divided into 3 modules each with 4 training segments. A total number of 12 training segments, 10 days each.

This is a total of 720 hours of direct instruction. Online instruction amounts to 100 hours during the entire training period.

The training consists of:

  • Direct instruction by Jeremy Krauss
  • Direct instruction by outstanding guest instructors and assistant trainers
  • Private JKA-Functional hands-on sessions by Assistants and experienced practitioners
  • Supervision study of teaching of JKA-ATM and SAM
  • Supervision study of teaching of JKA-Developmental Hands-on and Functional Hands on
  • Online materials for study and review
  • Online -zoom review sessions

“The breadth and depth of the course is incomparable with other trainings I’ve taken, and would recommend it to anyone planning to work with children and adults. Jeremy’s teaching and work with children is always inspirational.”

Melinda Glenister

JKA and Feldenkrais Practitioner, United Kingdom

Topics of study and skills learning in the JKA Professional Education and training program

The core of the JKA 3 year Abilities Training is the study of the works of the Jeremy Krauss Approach along with the classical work, materials and ideas of Dr. Feldenkrais. When you graduate the JKA 3-year Abilities Training you will have studied and gained comprehensive skill sets in four domains:

JKA – Abilities Through Movement lessons (ATM)
Group movement lessons for classes with adults.

JKA – Sensory Active Movement lessons (SAM)
Detailed sequential JKA developmental movement processes.

JKA – Developmental Hands-On (DHO)
Individual therapeutic learning sessions for children.

JKA – Functional Hands-On (FHO)
Individual therapeutic learning sessions for adults.

Structure of the JKA ABILITIES Training Program

YEAR 1: JKA – ATM Module

YEAR 2: JKA – DHO + JKA – SAM Module

YEAR 3: JKA – FHO Module

There are different registration possibilities depending on your previous education.

Registration for the full 3 Year Training Program

  • Open to all.
  • No prior professional or personal experience needed, parents of special needs children.
  • You will get all four JKA Certificates

Registration for different parts of the Training

  • Open to JKA + Feldenkrais + somatic practitioners and health professionals.
  • You will receive the certificates for the modules you have participated in.



JKA – ATM Abilities Through Movement lessons
Sensory Active Movement lessons
JKA – DHO Developmental Hands-On
JKA – FHO Functional Hands-On

“Awesome – Direct, Clear – No Drama”

Carrie Ashton

Physical therapist, DPT, GCS and Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

The Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) Professional Training Program has expanded its amount of days, hours and its curriculum. This is to enable the Professional Training Program to develop and increase the repertoire of professional skills that are taught for professional use.

Along with the world renowned studies of the JKA for children, the Training Program has added into the curriculum skills and techniques for working with typical adults and children in both group work and private work using developmental and functional ideas.

The group work will be JKA-Abilities through Movement (JKA-ATM) and the private work JKA-Developmental and Functional Hands–On work (JKA- DHO and JKA-FHO) Both techniques being added are unique and are derivatives of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’s work with developmental application that comes from Jeremy Krauss’s long years of teaching and experience of infant child development with its application to special needs children. This will now be applied to the work in groups and private individual sessions.

These additions will allow more professional skills and work with larger variety of populations, increase the base of knowledge, information, and also give more time and experience in clinical supervision as well expanding the student base of the Training Program.

Class language


All staff members speak a variety of languages. Have a look at the bios of the individual staff to see what languages they speak.

Teaching Staff

Jeremy Krauss

Jeremy has been teaching and having a private practice for over 40 years.
He is the Founder and Director of a new and unique understanding and perspective of early movement development for working with Special Needs Children and adults in therapeutic learning situations – The Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA). He has created an interdisciplinary training program to educate people in the JKA and teaches and presents JKA worldwide.
Jeremy has also been a Feldenkrais Educational Director for over 25 years.
Jeremy’s knowledge of the early development and  classical Feldenkrais is unsurpassed. He is recognised worldwide as an excellent teacher for both his clarity as well as his creative abilities in presenting practical and theoretical aspects and in developing new and unique materials.
His specialty is his extraordinary ability in working with Special Needs Children with developmental challenges and disorders as well as teaching and presenting complex skills in developmental and Functional Hands-on.

Languages: English, Hebrew, German

Foto © Paul Harris p.harris@vonmagazine.com

Jeremy Krauss Approach Team

JKA Team left to right: Helga Jenewein, Lenka Kýrová, Jeremy Krauss (Founder of the JKA), Stephanie Koch, Dr. Oliver Wolf, Sonia Pastrovicchio, Silia Giussani, Vera Schweinstetter. 

Stephanie Koch
JKA Practitioner since 2013
Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer

Stephanie works in her practice at Tegernsee with the Feldenkrais method and the JKA with children and adults. Her offer is aimed at people who are interested in working on a physical and psychological level at the same time. She is the wife of Jeremy Krauss and has accompanied the method from the very beginning.

Languages: German, English, French, Italian

Vera Schweinstetter
JKA Practitioner since 2017
Certified Feldenkrais Teacher since 2015
mainly applying in acting trainings and cultural education programs, group and individual work with children and young people with increased needs – since 2019, regular block seminars at 2 social initiatives in Ukraine.

Languages: German, English, Italian

Sonia Pastrovicchio
JKA Practitioner since 2015

Certified Feldenkrais Teacher since 2015
She works full time in her own practice in Turin and Milan. She also works with children with special needs in Rome and Eastern Europe. In addition to working with children with special needs, she works with adults using the Feldenkrais Method.

Languages: Italian, English, French

Silia Giussani
JKA Practitioner since 2013
Certified Feldenkrais Teacher since 2010
She works in her own practice in Augsburg since 2005. She teaches JKA and Feldenkrais group lessons and gives individual lessons for children and adults in the JKA and Feldenkrais method. Since 2012 she also works for Jeremy in the training & office – office@jeremy-krauss.com.

Languages: German, English


Additional Staff being added

Because of the increase in hours and days and material there will be more need of time used for supervision and clinical practice of the need skills added. For this  there will also be assistants and experienced JKA Therapists and teachers joining the staff. They will help out and assist in the supervision aspects of the Training Program. All aspects related to oversight this will be organized and overseen completely by Jeremy Krauss  All of these are graduates of the JKA Training and have followed advanced trainings with Jeremy Krauss preparing them to be able to on the teaching staff.



Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) Practitioner and Therapist Certificate.