JKA Training Tegernsee 8 2020 (1 year)

In this training you will learn a new and unique understanding and perspective of early movement development and the skills of how to apply this understanding to working with Special Needs Children and adults in therapeutic learning situations.

The JKA training program is 40 days divided into segments over a 1-1.5 year period of time. The Training Program is designed for a variety of professionals and parents of Special Needs Children. It is taught personally by Jeremy Krauss.

Who can participate in the Training program: Practitioners and professionals working in the interdisciplinary fields of movement and child development of normal as well as Special Needs Children. Feldenkrais, ABM, MBS, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Parents of Special Needs Children, Naturopaths (Heilpraktiker), Occupational Therapists, Pediatric Nurses and Pediatric Physical Therapists, Bobath Therapists, Child Space, Bones for life, Hanna Somatics, Child Educators, Dance and Massage Therapists and others.

Sensory Active Developmental Movement Lessons

Intensive developmental Hands on study utilizing the JKA + techniques, processes, and methodology.

You will learn and study about child development through the perspective of Progressive Developmental Abilities Formation. This is done in great detail along with learning a variety of topics related to the difficulties and challenges seen in the broad spectrum of movement and child development.

The Jeremy Krauss Approach to movement and child development is a training program for those specifically interested in gaining an in-depth understanding, perspective and knowledge of early child development and movement and the complex skills of how to apply this understanding to working with adults and Special Needs Children in therapeutic situations.

The Approach was developed by Jeremy Krauss, utilising his detailed knowledge and understanding of early motor learning and is a further development of the Feldenkrais Method and an outgrowth of Jeremy Krauss’s 40 years of experience teaching and working in private practice. 

The Training

The Training consists of 40 days of class time divided into segments.

In between the live teaching segments various online materials and audio materials are provided for continuous study and learning during the entire period of the training program. There is also an online pre-course. The pre-course begins one month before the first day of class.

The aim of the Training is to gain an in-depth understanding of the process of early movement development and to learn the essential skills of how to apply this understanding and perspective to working with adults and Special Needs Children in therapeutic situations.

This is done by first studying the process of normal learning and motor development in young children and then studying a variety of difficulties and challenges that children with special needs and adults have in this area. The applications made are also applied to adults facing normal life difficulties.

You will be taught and learn skills for observing and understanding transitional movements in babies as well as practical hands-on work with Special Needs Children and adults with Jeremy Krauss.

Numerous photo and video sequences of different developmental phases and stages are shown. You will be guided through them with clear and detailed explanations and applications to adults and Special Needs Children.

Practitoner and Professionals in a variety of fields learn how to directly apply the new learned skills in their professional settings.

Feldenkrais, ABM or MBS and all other Somatic practitioners will learn to transfer the JKA skills to their work with adults and will get a JKA Practitioner and Therapist Certificate.

Parents of Special Needs Children will gain insight in understanding of how to help their own children on a daily basis and will get a JKA Parent Graduate Certificate.


Program content

  • Original Sensory Active Developmental Movement Lessons (SAM).
  • Clear Functional Hands-on demonstrations, explanations, instruction and supervision. Functional Hands-on demonstrations involving both children and adults.
  • Demonstrations of ways of working with infants and children of different ages who are faced with a variety of developmental, functional and structural challenges.
  • Discussions and explanations of these lessons.
  • Understanding the difference between working with adults and with children.
  • Video review including in-depth explanations of the lessons with infants and children, both live and online.
  • Numerous photo sequences of various developmental phases and stages with in-depth explanations and explorations.
  • Talks on development, neuro-networking, neurology, neurobiology, attachment, anatomy and physiology.
  • Instructions on how to create developmental movement sequences SNC children.
  • Practical work with special needs infants and children together with guided Functional Hands-on by Jeremy.
  • Exercises that promote an understanding of the “dynamics of contact” needed for working with children and adults.
  • Talks on and demonstrations of how to help parents develop a better understanding of their children’s needs and how to physically handle and move their children.
  • Talks about and practical work with various conditions such as CP, childhood stroke, autism-spectrum disorders, genetic defects, brachial plexus injury, torticollis.
  • Each segment will focus on different aspects of development.

Teaching materials

The training program uses online technology to support the learning process.

Online pre-course

The program includes an online pre-course as well as audio-visual and written material between sessions.


Registered students will be given a suggested reading list and curriculum.


Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a Jeremy Krauss Approach Certificate. Parents of Special Needs Children will get a JKA Parent Graduate Certificate and Professionals will get a JKA Practitioner and Therapist Certificate.


Admission is by application only. The number of participants is limited.


For all application information, please write to Jeremy Krauss.


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Class languages

Tegernsee (Germany): English
Tokyo: English with Japanese translation
Madrid: English with Spanish translation
Tel Aviv: Hebrew

Films on YouTube

From Crawling to Standing
This is a JKA lesson showing the development of crawling to standing in a Special Needs Child over the period of a few sessions with Jeremy Krauss. The Jeremy Krauss Approach is a unique way of helping Special Needs Children learn, grow and develop.

About the Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) Training program