JKA Solvents and Glue Part 1

JKA Solvents and Glue Part 1 second unit

Find new & creative ways to foster strength, flexibility & stamina in being upright with the JKA Solvents and Glue Part 1 Advanced Seminar !

In this unique 2 part Advanced Seminars you will learn effective movement lessons that are invigorating to the musculoskeletal system and are a fitting complement to Feldenkrais, Yoga, Pilates as well as any other physical exercise, sport or wellness practice.

JKA Solvents and Glue is a special 2 part series of lessons for strengthening, solidifying, and special toning through an enormous variety of very precise movements that bring structural clarity to major joints of the body.

In this Advanced Seminar Series there will be a large number of sequences of thought.
The lessons and sequences can be taught and applied directly into your classes, private lessons and your own personal health and well-being.
Sequences taught will be in standing, sitting, on the knees, in chairs and on the ground.
After doing this Advanced Seminar You will feel strength, stamina, solidity and a unique flexibility at the same time.
These lessons and sequences were developed by Jeremy.


JKA Solvent and Glue Part 1: Oct 23-24 & Nov 6-7, 2021
JKA Solvent and Glue Part 2: Dec 4-5 & Dec 18-19, 2021
10am-2:30pm US East Coast

Each Part can be done separately.

Part 1: open to all
Part 2: open to all who completed JKA Solvents and Glue Part 1 and reviewers

The JKA Solvents and Glue series will take place live on Zoom and will not be recorded.

Detailed information, price and registration


For those who practice the Feldenkrais Method: We often use the Feldenkrais Method to make ourselves and others looser and more flexible; more ‘dissolved’, but some of us need more ‘glue’ to keep us together and solidify us.



Nov 06 - 07 2021


US East Coast
10:00 am - 2:30 pm


via zoom


Tiffany Sankary